City And Colour – Off By Heart chords ver. 2

Track: ...Off By Heart
Album: Sometimes
Artist: City and Colour

Really easy song to play :)

Capo 2nd fret.

The chords are as follows:

G F#/G G F#/G E/Ge|--|0-------|0-------|0-------|0---0---|B|--|0-------|0-------|0-------|0---0---|G|--|4-------|4-------|4-------|4---4---|D|--|5-------|5-------|5-------|5---5---|A|--|5-------|5-------|5-------|5---5---|E|--|3-------|2-------|3-------|2---0---|
I'm not a music theorist so I don't know if those chord names are correct, but you know. That's the only chord progression to the song, enjoy! Remember to start on the little upstroke too :3 Lyrics: And our stars are aligned, But they don't align for us, Excuse me, for I am the O- cean And I will stop for you, Will know how to stay brave? Such fragile mo - ments we Sha - re And you are my eve - ry thing A de - mon with nothing to say Oooh Oooh
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