City Boy - Speechless chords version 2

Hope you'll enjoy!


DM7 GI wish there were something to say
Em A7I drank too much of you
D GAnd now you've gone to my head
Em A7susI'm laughing like a fool
A7You leave me
DM7 GAnd words I'm rehearsing all day
Em A7Are caught up in the traffic
D GGetting lost in their way
Em A7susThey're always left unsaid
A7You leave me
DM7 GI count every step to the phone
Em A7And when I get the nerve to dial
D GThen you're never home
Em A7susSo here I am alone
A7 DAnd feeling restless
Bm GI wanted to say
A7sus A7You're unbelievable
D GBut then I got caught up
Em A7sus A7On my own reply
Bm GIf I asked you to stay around
A7sus A7 DTo hear what I might say
G Em A7sus A7Would I see the answers in your eyes
DM7 GI look for the right things to say
Em A7Whoever stole my dictionary
D GTore out the page
Em A7susIt happens every day
A7You leave me
DMY GI know that it's all down to you
Em A7You see I'm not responsible
D GI've met my full moon
Em A7susThere's nothing I can do
A7You leave me
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