City Harmonic - I Have A Dream It Feels Like Home chords

The City Harmonic
I Have a Dream (It Feels Like Home)

Capo 1

(Verse 1)
EI have a dream
A EThat you can have with me
C#m B A E A EOf a city that shines so bright at night
(Verse 2)
EWhere love is true
A E But this love He finds you
C#m B A E A EAnd there is a fire in His eyes
E C#m B A AWhere I can see everything's alright
AIt feels like home
Sweet home
EThere's no, no, no, no, no, no, no place like home
A E (Verse 3)
EWhen I awake
A EThat day of glory
C#m B A E A EYour love will light the sin-deep streams
(Verse 4)
EO we will meet
A EOur souls are longing
C#m B A E A EWe'll be a symphony of peace
C#m B A E A EBrothers and sisters will be free
C#m B A AThank God Almighty they'll be free
Chorus x2 (Bridge)
B C#m AOoooohhh
I hear the bells are ringing
B C#m AOoooohhh
I see the city lights
B C#m AOoooohhh
B C#m AThe dream was real until you close your eyes
A B EIt feels like home
C#m AHome
A EIt feels like home
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