Civil Twilight – Next To Me chords ver. 2

This sounds more similar to the actual recording than other chords I've seen.
All chords should be played as bar chords except the last C in every line. I think 
it just sounds better that way!

G C C(unbarred) <--like this one. should be unbarred.You are my only escape
G C C (unbarred)<--and this one, etc...You are the reason that I wait
G C C(unbarred)On the corner of this empty street
G C C(unbarred)Oh I just can't wait to meet
G C C(unbarred)There's so much a man can do
G C C(unbarred)And there's so much a man can say
G C C(unbarred)See I have done so many things wrong
G C C(unbarred)That you should've thrown me away
F I've got this second chance
G C(unbarred) I'm gonna take it
FI've got this song and dance
G C(unbarred) I'm gonna take it
FI've got all that I need
G C(unbarred)-F And I can taste it
F I've got you next to me
GAnd I don't want to waste it
Verse 2 (Same pattern with Verse 1) You are my only embrace You are the light that lights my face And any fool would do the same To follow in your trace See people come and people go And I know I should've been replaced, I know that Repeat Chorus
C GI'm gonna take it
FAll that I can get
GI'm gonna take it, ohh
BRIDGE:(all unbarred)
C DIt's beautiful the way you love
C DThe way you take me back
C DHere she comes around the bend
C DShe's coming to take me back
Repeat Chorus OUTRO:
G C C(unbarred)You are my only escape
G C C(unbarred) You are the reason that I wait...
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