Cjaye Lerose - Up On The Hood chords

Capo 3 

D -Watching cars on the highway
Em - Under a lover's sky
D- Hair blowin in the summer breeze
Em - Older boys lips on mine

Bm-A-Bm-A-G-AWell I was too damn young to take him home
Couldn't tell my parents we were datin' But I wanted to show him love And the backseat was overrated, Well ohhh
WE WERENT JUST KISSIN' DONT KNOW WHAT WAS LOUDER US OR THE ENGINE HE LOST HIS SHIRT I LOST A LITTLE MORE UP ON THAT RED SPORTS CAR ID NEVER BEEN THAT FAR I was a sucker for those eyes that smile and those hands Couldnt help but wonder How they would feel on my skin Well I was in too deep to turn back now His lips had made their mark Instead of foggin up those windows We set fire to the whole damn park, Well Ohh REPEAT CHORUS
BRIDGE: Bm-A-Bm-A-G-ABoy's aint allowed in my bedroom
Especially behind closed doors If only my parents had known I wouldn't be allowed in their cars
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