Cky - Rio Bravo tab

			     Rio Bravo - cKy

Tabbed By : Cian Neville

Tuning: Drop D

INTROG|--------------| D|66---6---6---6|A|--------------|D|---0---0---0--|
G|---------------|D|--------------3| This is the bit just before singing starts. I've changed A|--------3-4-5--| the open A to 7th on D because I find it easier when starting D|7-6-5-3--------| the bar again.
VERSEG|--------------|D|66---6---6---6| A|--------------|D|---0---0---0--|
G|--------------| "Like I don't hear them..."D|--------------| Listen closely and you'll hear the bass play this.A|--------------| If you can't hear it, or don't like it, just play the bar aboveD|66-0-3-0-3-5-6| again instead, it's kinda hard to hear.
"PULLED INTO A TRUCKSTOP"G|----------|-------|D|----------|-------|A|----0-3---|-----5-|D|0-------6-|-5-3---| ^Only play that open D the first time
BREAKG|-----------------|D|-----------------| This is played once, immediately after singing stops.A|--------------3--| Let the open D ring.D|7-6-5-3-5-6-7---0|
G|------------------|D|------------------| Then repeat this a couple of times.A|7-7-6-5--------3--| E|--------0-55-6---0|
-Chorus (With "PULLED INTO A TRUCKSTOP" in the background, play either. 2 basses?) -Verse -"PULLED INTO A TRUCKSTOP" until end | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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