Clannad – In A Lifetime chords

In A Lifetime

Intro:  Am           Em G  Am


Amhard to tell
or recognise a sign
F G Emto see me through
Ama warning sign
Dm Gmfirst the thunder
Am Bbmaj7 (Am) Dmsatisfied, if the past it will not lie
(then the storm) (torn asunder)
Gm Am F Amthe future you and I get blown away
(in the storm)
Amin a lifetime in a lifetime
Amand as the rain it falls
begin again, (heavy in my heart)
F Gas the storm breaks through
(believe the light in you)
Em Amso the light shines in you
Dm Gm Am Bbmaj7 (Am)without color, faded and worn
Dm Gm Am Bbmaj7 torn asunder in the storm
G Am G Em F G (repeat) unless the sound has faded from your soul unless it disappears first the thunder selfish storm then the storm hold on the inside torn asunder one life in the storm in a lifetime in a lifetime
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