Clapton Eric - Going Down Slow tab

Going Down Slow
Eric Clapton

intro riff ----------------X------| ----------------X------| ----------------X------| ------2---4-----X------| --/4------------X------|
*there's a lot of pick scraping in the song so add it into the riffs to create the best sound main riff
--------X----X--------------------------------------| --------X----X--------------------------------------| --------X----X-----5/\/\/\----5/\/\/\----4/\/\/\----| --------X----X-----5/\/\/\----4/\/\/\----3/\/\/\----| --------X----X--------------------------------------| ----5---X----X--------------------------------------|
repeat this for the verses until you can hear the change in the music- for that it goes like this:
--------------------------------------| ------------------2-------------------| ------5---(4)-----2-------------------| ------5---(4)-----2-------------------| ------------------4-------------------| --------------------------------------|
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