Clapton Eric - Swing Low tab

This is the lead guitar:

Swing Low..........

E|-7---7-------------|----------7-7--10-10-|B|---8---8-8---------|--8-8-8-8------------|G|-----------9[p]7---|---------------------| D|-------------------|---------------------|A|-------------------|---------------------| E|-------------------|---------------------|
E|-12/10-7-----------|----------7-7--------| B|---------8-8-------|-8-8-8-8------10-8---|G|-------------9[p]7-|---------------------| D|-------------------|---------------------|A|-------------------|---------------------| E|-------------------|---------------------|
I looked over................
E|-7--------------------------|---------7-7-10-10-| B|---8-8-8--------8-8-8-------|-8-8-8-8-----------|G|---------9-7--7-------9[p]7-|-------------------| D|----------------------------|-------------------|A|----------------------------|-------------------|E|----------------------------|-------------------|
E|-7--------------------------|---------7-7-------|B|---8-8-8--------8-8-8-------|-8-8-8-8-----10-8--|G|---------9-7--7-------9[p]7-|-------------------| D|----------------------------|-------------------|A|----------------------------|-------------------|E|----------------------------|-------------------|
This is the backing: G C Swing Low, Sweet Chariot G D Coming for to carry me home G C Swing Low, Sweet Chariot G D G Coming for to carry me home G C I looked over Jordan and what did i see G D Coming for to carry me home G C I saw a band of angles, coming after me G D G Coming for to carry me home this my first tab please rate it!!! any qustions please email: im not sure weather the second part of the second verse is right, let me no if you find a better version of it.
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