Clare Bowditch And The Feeding Set - Between The Tea And The Toast tab

Between theTea and the Toast
Clare Bowditch and the Feeding Set



C    Am7   G                       F                 
Oh pretty love, aren’t you worried about us?
			      Am7     G
How we’re going to keep it up,
                 F        G
all of this busy business?

Am                         G
Of all the days we’ve ever had,
                  F                     C
it is these quiet days that leave me satis
Am				   G
fied the most, when our holy ghosts
have room to dance
F(add9)			    C
between the tea and the toast.

C    Am7    G                   F 			C
Oh gentle man, you say love’s a simple land
             C             Am7        G
and I’ve wandered from the map.
             F                      C
Are you gonna take me back?


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