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Clarks – Happy chords

Ok, first tab ever. Great song. Enjoy

Intro lead

---------------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|--5--7p5--7/9--9p7--12/14--12--12/14--9--7-7------------ 2x----------------|--5------------------------------------------------------------------------|--3------------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro Chords - C Am F Am G 2x Verse (For all the F's start with an Fsus2 and hammer on to an F on the G string)
F CI'm never gonna smile
F C GI'm never gonna stay for a while
F CI'm never gonna laugh
F C GMight as well just cut me in half
Pre Chorus
Am C FJust wanna run
Am C FJust wanna live till I'm done
Am C FJust wanna be... ya....
CAs happy as I'm gonna be
AmAnd there's nothing on the inside
FI'm not high on life, I'm not drunk on love
GI'm broken down not feeling right
CI'm happy as I'm gonna be
AmWhen there's nothing on the inside
FI'm not high on life, I'm not drunk on love
GNot feeling right
(Intro 1x) Verse 2 I’m never gonna fight, I think I need to make up my mind I’m never gonna stand, Next to you I’ll do what I can Pre Chorus 2 Just wanna run, Just wanna lie in the sun, Just wanna feel... ya... Chorus Bridge Dm C G C G (3x) Part after bridge (same chords as verse) I’m never gonna write Lay with you or whisper goodnight I’m never gonna call That way I’ll have nothing at all Pre Chorus 1 again Chorus (and repeat) Outro (same chords as pre chorus)
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