Clash - Groovy Times tab


E    /G#m   /A    /B
E    /G#m   /A    /B
E    /G#m   /A    /B
E    /G#m   /A    /B

D                     A
High Street shops are boarded up,
        Bm                   G
and the terrace it is fenced in.
D                       A
See-through shields are walled across
    Bm                G
the way that you came in.
            D                A
But there's no need to get excited,
       Bm                      G
As the lorries bring the bacon in,
           D                  A
'Cause the housewives are all singin',
        Bm        G    A Bm
"Groovy times are here a-gain."

[as above]
D                 A
They discovered on Black Saturday,
         Bm                    G
That mobs don't march, they run (they run)
D                     A
So you you can excuse the nervous triggerman,
        Bm                  G
for this once jumping the gun.
D                        A
They were picking up the dead,
      Bm               G
Out of the broken glass,
D                     A
Yes, it's number one, hit radio says
          Bm            G
"Groovy times are here at last."

E    G#m  A  B
Groo-oo---vy times,
E    G#m  A  B
Groo-oo---vy times,
E    G#m  A  B
Groo-oo---vy times.

[chords under solo as chorus - 3X E/G#M/A/B, 1X B/A/G#m/E]

B    /A    /G#m  /E

Play this on acoustic. There's a bit enclosed within stars (**-7--9--7--**) that I'm nottoo sure about.E-------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------7---7-5------|G----------------------------------6-7-9-7-6-7----------7-----|D---7--7-7--7--7-7-7-7-7-7--9---------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------|
Joes starts singing again but play this bit underneath:
[as verse 1] D A The intake is on the uptake, Bm G the acceleration's pretty grim. D A I can remember his first appearance, Bm G now look what's happened to him. D A They put him in a dog suit, Bm G like nineteen sixy four. D A King of early evening ITV, Bm G "Groovy times forever more." [as chorus] E G#m A B Groo-oo-vy times, E G#m A B Groo-oo-vy times, E G#m A B Groo-oo-vy times.
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