Clash - Revolution Rock chords

This is the clash's revolution rock, it's really easy, you just have to do a reggae 
on the right hand, and the left hand is just really simple chords. For any suggestions 
etc. email martins_bm@hotmail

Artist: The Clash
Song: Revolution Rock
Album: London Calling

B D#mRevolution rock, it is a brand new rock
B D#mA bad, bad rock, this here revolution rock
BCareful how you move, mac, you dig me in me back
D#mAn Im so pilled up that I rattle
BI have got the sharpeest knife, so I cut the biggest slice
D#mBut I have no time to do battle
B F# EEverybody smash up your seats and rock to this
BBrand new beat
B F#This here music mash up the nation
E BThis here music cause a sensation
B F# E BTell your ma, tell your pa everything's gonna be all right
B F#Cant you feel it? dont ignore it
E BGonna be arl-right
Revolution rock, I am in a state of shock So bad, bad rock, this here revolution rock Careful how you slide, clyde, all you did was glide And you poured your beer in me hat With my good eye on the beat, living on fixation strete And I ait got no time for that
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