Clash – Safe European Home tab ver. 2

Band: The Clash
Song: Safe European Home
Album: Give 'Em Enough Rope (1978)
Tuning: Standart E A D G B E

Okay, that's a really great classic song by The Clash.
And well, it's very simple so here's the tab for it...

| Intro/Verse | Ska Verse |E|-------------------------------|--x7x7-x4x4-x5x5x5x5--|B|-------------------------------|--x8x8-x4x4-x5x5x5x5--|G|--9-99-99-99-99-9-9------------|--x9x9-x5x5-x6x6x6x6--|D|--9-99-99-99-99-9-9--7~--7/9~--|--x9x9-x6x6-x7x7x7x7--|A|--7-77-77-77-77-7-7--7~--7/9~--|--x7x7-x6x6-x7x7x7x7--|E|---------------------5~--5/7~--|-------x4x4-x5x5x5x5--|
| Chorus |E|------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------|G|----------6666666-------------------------6666666-----|D|--4444444-6666666-7777777-9999999-4444444-6666666-7~--|A|--4444444-4444444-7777777-9999999-4444444-4444444-7~--|E|--2222222---------5555555-7777777-2222222---------5~--|
| Interlude |E|------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------9~----9~---------------------------------|D|--6-6~-7-7~--9~-6~-9~-7~-9~-7~-9~-7~-6~-7~--/9~-------|A|--6-6~-7-7~--7~-6~-7~-7~-9~-7~-9~-7~-6~-7~--/9~-------|E|--4-4~-5-5~-----4~----5~-7~-5~-7~-5~-4~-5~--/7~-------|
Order: Intro - Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Interlude - Verse - Chorus - Ska-Interlude - Ska-Verse Note: - At the beginning you play the Main Riff twice for the intro, and for every verse you play the Main Riff four times. - After the last chorus (3th) you continues to play the song with a ska-rhythm (upstroke) and play it along to the end. - For the ska-interlude you play the ska-verse 2 times, and for the whole ska-verse you have to play it 17 times. I think everything's clear and there's nothin' left to say so please enjoy that great classic song by The Clash and keep it on! If you have any questions etc. or just wanna talk about The Clash: Send me a mail: My Name's Chad - Or visit my blog: SuburbiaBomb.Blogspot.Com
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