Clash – Train In Vain tab

this whole song is right ive listened to it and made sure that its all right!!!!!!!!!!
its in standard tuning so u shouldnt have a problem

D A Bm|--2-----| |---2----| |--2-----| |--3-----| |---2----| |--3-----||--2-----| |---2----| |--4-----||--------| |--------| |--4-----||--------| |--------| |--2-----||--------| |--------| |--------|
intro riff|------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------|x2|----------7-------7----------7-------7----------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------------------||-------5-----55------5----5------55-----5-------------------------------|
You say you stand DDAA by your man DDAA Tell me something DDAA I don't understand DDAA D strum Bm strum You said you loved me, and that's a fact The you left me DDAA, said you felt trapped DDAA D A Well, some things you can't explain away Bm D But the heartache's with me till this day You didn't stand by me DDAA No, not at all DDAA You didn't stand by me DDAA No way DDAA REPEAT THE SME CORDS AS IN THE LAST VERSE All the times when we were close I'll remember these things the most I see all my dreams come tumblin' down I can't be happy without you around So alone, I keep the wolves at bay And there's only one thing I can say [Chorus] same cords as in the last chorus [Bridge:] D A Bm You must expla-a-a-ain why this must be D A BM Did you li-i-i-ie when you spoke to me? Did you stand be me?DDAA No, not at all DDAA REPEAT SAME CORDS Now I got a job, but it don't pay I need new clothes, I need somewhere to stay But without all of these things I can do But without your love, I won't make it through But you don't understand my point of view I suppose there nothing I can do [Chorus] [Bridge] [Intro riff again
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