Clash - 1977 tab

Band: The Clash
Song: 1977
Album: Super Black Market Clash

*= mute chord

Intro: x2 e----------------------|B----------------------|G----------------------|D--3/5--5/3--2-2-2--3--|A--3/5--5/3--2-2-2--3--|E--1/3--3/1--0-0-0--1--|
Verse 1: G F E F In 1977, G F E F I hope I go to Heaven G F E F Cuz I been too long on the dole G F E F And I can't work at all Chorus: G F e D C D Danger, stranger G F e D C D You better paint your face C D No Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones Verse 2: G F E F In 1977, G F E F Knives in West 11 G F E F Lent so lucky to be rich G F E F Sten guns in Knightsbridge Chorus x1
Verse 3: G* F* E* F* In 1977, G* F* E* F* You're on the never never G* F* E* F* You think it can't go on forever G* F* E* F* But the papers say it's better Chorus 2: G F e D C D I don't care G F e C D C 'Cuz I'm not all there C D No Elvis, Beatles, or the Rolling Stones Outro: (there is a kinda solo, but it's too hard to hear) G F E F In 1977, start the Jubilee G F E F In 1978... G F E F In 1979, I stayed in bed G F E F In 1980... G F E F In 1981, the toilet don't work G F E F In 1982... G F E F In 1983, here come the Police! G G In 1984.. That's it! For suggestions, corrections, and requests, email me:
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