Clash – Guns On The Roof tab

Band: The Clash
Song: Guns on the Roof
Album: Give 'Em Enough Rope

*= mute chord

Intro: Riff 1e--------------|B--------------|G--9--7-----9--| x8D--9--7--7--9--|A--7--5--7--7--|E--------5-----|
e,e,e,e Guns, guns... (x4) Verse 1: e D A e They torture all the women and children e D A e Then they've put the men to the gun e D A e 'Cuz across the human frontier, e D A e Freedom's always on the run Chorus 1: e,e,e,e Guns guns- A-shaking in terror e,e,e,e Guns guns- Killing in error e,e,e,e Guns guns- Guilty hands e,e,e,e Guns guns- Shatter the lands Verse 2: e,e,e,e A system built by the sweat of the many e,e,e,e Creates assassins to kill off the few e D A e Take any place and call it a court house e D A e This is a place where no judge can stand Verse 3: e,e,e,e Sue the lawyers and burn all the papers e,e,e,e Unlock the key of the legal papers e D A e A jury of a billion faces e D A e Shouted out condemned out of hand Chorus 2: e D A e Guns guns- And nobody's kidding e D A e Guns guns- Or foolin' around e D A e Guns guns- The violence is singing e D A e Guns guns- A silence the sound e*,D*,C#*,B* (x4) Bridge: (lead guitar plays e downstrokes, twice as fast after line 2) e* D* C#* B* e* D* C#* B* An' I Iike to be in Africa, a-beatin' on the final drum e* D* C#* B* e* D* C#* B* An' I like to be in U.S.S.R., makin' sure these things will come e* D* C#* B* e* D* C#* B* An' I like to be in U.S.A., pretending that the wars are done e* D* C#* B* e* D* C#* B* An' I like to be in Europa, Saying goodbye to everyone
Solo: x2?e--7-10p7h10p7h10p7h10p7h10p7h10p7h10p7h10--|--7h10-11b12------15-12v--|B-------------------------------------------|--------------------------|G-------------------------------------------|--------------------------|D-------------------------------------------|--------------------------|A-------------------------------------------|--------------------------|E-------------------------------------------|--------------------------|
Outro: a bunch of times starting at second bar of solo e D A e Guns, guns- There's guns on the roof e D A e Guns, guns- They're made to shoot That's it! For suggestions, corrections, and requests, email me:
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