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The Clash
The Right Profile
London Calling

I love this song but I saw no tab here for it. The song is more or less the same chords 
the way through. it is pretty close but I won't say its exact incase it isnt. I find 
works best with distortion.


e|----------------------- e|----|B|--9-9------------------ B|--9-|G|--9-9--8-8--6-6--8----- G|--9-|D|--9-9--9-9--7-7--9----- X 3 end intro on a D|--9-|A|--7-7--9-9--7-7--9----- A|--7-|E|-------7-7--5-5--7----- E|----|
the rest of the song is more or less E B A B barre chords repeated
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