Claudine Clark – Party Lights tab

Party Lights:Claudine Clark.
Top of the charts in '62.


    G                  C
Oh, Mama dear, tell me do you hear? They're

G        D7
partyin' tonight.

            G                     C
I tell you, I can't sleep because across the street,

            G             D7    G
oh, oh, oh, oh, I see the party lights.

                            G                  C
I see the lights, I see the lights - I see the party

                         G        D7
lights - They're red and blue and green.

         G           C                        G
Oh, everybody in the crowd is there - but you won't

       D7       G
let me make the scene!

#2.***(Chords are the same for the other verses)***

Oh, Mama dear, a-looka here - look here, there goes MaryLou.

I see Tommy and Joe, oh, oh, and Betty and Sue, Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh!

There goes my boyfriend, too!



Oh, Mama dear, a-looka here, look here - Im feeling oh, so


They're doin' the Twist, the Fish, the Mashed Potatos, too,

I'm here lookin' at you.


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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