Cledus T Judd - If Shania Was Mine tab

Cledus T. Judd: Rewrites, sings, and records parodies of other Country music artists.

IF Shania Was Mine

If Shania was mine wouldn't be proud of me
E                                                                                       A
Couldn't hardly blame her cause I'm so derned ugly

But on our first date we could have a good time
E                         A
If I got her on the Moonshine
If Shania was mine say it fit just right
                    E                         A
Though my polyester suit was just a little too tight

And there's no way I'd have bad hair day
E                    A
Cause I'd buy a new tupi
D                          A
Though I'd love to seduce her
But she married her producer
And all I do is pray

Pray, Pray, she'll get a divorce someday

                           D                                      A
If Shania was mine I think I'd lose my mind
If she only teased me, squeezed me, pleased me one good time
                              D                                         E
And if she only knew, all the things I'd Do
I'd be the lawn mowin Crop growin, tatter pealing
D                           E
House cleaning kind
If Shania was mine
Well if Shania was mine she'd have to better agree
E                                                                              A
Can't no one cook road kill better than me

And a dozen mountain oysters and some ole fat back
E                                               A
She'd say, mmm, I like it like that
And all I do is wonder who's better boots are bent under
And know all I do is wine

Now Wine, wine that girl so dog gone fine

(Repeat Chorus)
If Shania, If Shania, If Shania, If Shania
If Shania was mine

Submitted By: Shane Littrell
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