Cledus T Judd – Shes Got A Butt Bigger Than The Beatles tab

(She's Got A Butt) Bigger Than The Beatles

G            C    G              D
She cooks with lard      Loves hot food bars
G           C           G        D
A quart of sweet tea and fried pork skins
G              C        G             D
Can't get enough eats till she's stuffed
G                     C          D       G
Go's to the bath room and she comes back again
    D                      C       G
She thinks she looks just like Madonna
         C        G                    D                     G D
When she runs her greasy fingers through her bleach blond hair
                      C            G
Most sometimes she'll place another order
              C        G                 D
And lordy have mercy on that little bitty chair

  G              D     C              G
She's got a butt bigger than the Beatles
D           C      G       D
 Eatin me outta house and home
  G                D       C               D
    Her booty size well it outta be illegal
G        D            C           D
 She has a hard time sittin on the throne
G             D
 Hamburgers, Hotdogs
C             G
 Cheese fries, and Coldslaw
G         C    D           G
 A dozen bear claws yum, yum, yum

G        C      G            D
Loves sausage links, hates diet drinks 

G                      C                            G                  D
Takes up both seats in a two seater car
G                        C             G                   D
Her doctor said, lay off the bread
G                           C                        G                           D
But he didn't say nothing bout a Snickers bar
D                 C                G
She drinks sweet milk by the gallon
             C                     G                     D                          G D
And shed never eat a salad or a Lean Cuisine 
                                             C                          G
And she'll lay spread out on the hammock
               C                    G                               D
After she's done her damage at Dairy Queen

          Em                            C
No you won't find her name on the weight loss of fame
     G             D
Down at Jennie Craigs
                  Em               C
'Cause when she eats em' out at the Waffle House
 G                         D
They'll bring in more ham and eggs


Submitted By: Shane Littrell
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