Cledus T Judd – How Do You Milk A Cow tab

              How Do You Milk A Cow


Yeah, I was always the lazy one a southern californian 
But I got some kin folk on the Mason Dixon line
Sold this summer just for fun hopped in my Dolorian 
And headed for Uncle's farm for a short time
G       C        F          G
I thought that I would be huntin and fishin
      C                   F
I misunderstood him somehow
>G               C         F             G
>So far there's nothing but Georgia to mention 
>     C                      G     
>I'm gettin' my feedin the sows
>                     C    F   C
But how do you milk a cow
>                    F 
How do milk you milk cow
>               C
I wouldn't in FFA
>                      G
This cow must think I'm crazy
>                C
A bunderin' this way
>                      F
I'm sittin here a pullin
>                       C
But there ain't nothing coming out 
>                 G
Oh me I e I oh
>                    C
How do you milk a cow
>Well I love it here in Tennessee
>But these farmers all make fun of me
>          G
>Can't haul much hay in tiny sports car
>So got myself a four wheel drive 
>     G          C           F      G
>Learned to spot light deer at night
>           C                          F
One things for sure I hate shovlen manure

>G                   C           F            G
It gets all over my over alls

>Them hores need shoeing I hear Bessie mooing
>      C                         G
> So I thought maybe I'd ask you all
                     C   F  C
> How do you milk a cow

Submitted By: Shane Littrell
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