Clem Snide - Lets Explode chords version 2

Chords (EADGBE):
C (x32010)
F* (xx3211)
G (320003)
F (133211)

C F* Clove is only for the lovely
C F* Cand such a glamorous thing to waste
G F G Fwait, I have to fix my makeup, wait
C F* C'cause no one likes to see a pretty
C F* Cface, all sad and twisted up
G F'cause the beautiful were never meant to suffer
G Fand I'm so beautiful
C F* Ca peacock died to color my lips
C F* Cso I died my hair in all their sweat
G F G Fbut now I'm haunted by these visions of me
C F* CI don't wanna live forever
C F* Cwhen the sky is full of little holes
G Fexploding as they take my picture
G Flet's explode
Dm F Cand I don't wanna know me better ... (repeat to fade)
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