Cliff Richard – This Day tab

This Day by Cliff Richard from the movie "Finder's Keepers"
Intro: D-Eb
G                    Bm            C       G
This day could have been such an ordinary day
            Bm        C           F
Could have gone in an uneventful way
     Gm      C7    F               Eb               D
Then you came into my world and in my world you'll stay
(same chord, 2nd verse)
You girl could have been such an ordinary girl
Could have been just an undiscovered pearl
The love came with its magic & made you my world

G                            Bm                             C      F
I know I'll always treasure that first moment the pleasure when we met
Bb                      Gm                             Eb      D - G
If I will live forever there's one thing I will never quite forget

Your kiss could have been just an ordinary kiss
Could have been something I would never miss
But that could never be so
Not when I feel like these

(Instrumental break)

Repeat first verse
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