Cliff Richard – Faith One chords

Composed by Chris Eaton

D AI find now hope within to call my own
D E AFor I am frail of heart, my strength is gone
F#m DBut deep within my soul, is rising up a song
Bm E AHere in the comfort of the faithful One
D AI walk a narrow road through valleys deep
D E AIn search of higher ground on mountains steep
F#m And though with feet unsure I still keep
Dpressing on
Bm E AFor I am guided by the faithful One
D AI see your wounded hands, I touch your side
D E AWith thorns upon your brow you bled and died
F#m DBut there's an empty tomb, and love for all who come
Bm E AAnd give their hearts to You, the faithful One
A D E AFaithful, faithful to the end
D E F#mMy true and precious friend
D A D AYou have been faithful, faithful
D A Bm ESo faithful to me
Instrumental: do chords of Verse
D AAnd from the starry sky there shines on me
D E AAnd everlasting hope of liberty
F#m DAnd when the day is done and when the race is run
Bm E AI will bow down before God's only Son
D AAnd I will lift my hands in praise for all You've done
Bm E AAnd I will worship You the faithful One
AFaithful One
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