Cliff Richard - Wind Me Up Let Me Go chords

WIND ME UP (Let Me Go): CLIFF RICHARD - 1965/1966
(Talley/Montgomery) 3/4 - 88

This pretty ballad was a U.K. hit single for Cliff in 1965/1966,
where it peaked on nr. 2, and charted for 12 weeks in the Top-20.
In the Netherlands it got to nr. 18, and it charted for 9 weeks
in the Top-40.


|%   |: Repeat the previous Chord and Measure of 4-counts.

INTRO: |   D7|G   |Em   |G   |Em   |


G |G7 |C |% |I'm just a little tin soldier in your hands.
D |% |D7 |G |I'm good for nothing, but to o-bey your com-mands.
% |G7 |C |Am7 |You never really loved me I know.
D |D7 |G |G-Em-D7|So wind me up, let me go.
G |G7 |C |% |I'm just a play thing, till you see someone else.
D |% |D7 |GAnd then you leave me, a-lone on the shelf.
|% |G7 |C |Am7 |But even tin soldiers have hearts, don't you know.
D |D7 |G |% |So wind me up, let me go.
C |%You don't really need me,
|G |%you've a hundred other toys.
|A |A7And tear drops don't look good,
|D |D7 |in the eyes of soldier boys.
G |G7 |C |% |So pick me up, and hold me one more time.
D |% |D7 |G |That's just conso-lation, for this heart of mine.
% |G7 |C |Am7 |Whisper a sweet word, to the one who loves you so.
D |D7 |G |% |Then wind me up, let me go.
/ (Break)
D |D7 |G |Em |G |EmThen wind me up, let me go.
(|G |Em |G |Em |) (: in Fade Out)Let me go.
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