Cline Patsy – Right Or Wrong tab

I love Bob Wills' music and more of you so-called pickers should learn him too.  This 
features a great vocal by Tommy Duncan and the typical swing rhythm from the Playboys.  
the chord structure, you lead boys could learn from Bob's fiddle playing, too.

Right or Wrong
as recorded by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

         E7                 A7
Right or Wrong, I'll always love you.
              D7               G
Though you're gone, I can't forget.
Right or wrong, I'll keep on dreaming,
            A7                        D7
Though I'll live with that same old regret.
     E7              A7
All along I knew I'd lose you,
        D7                   B7
Still I prayed that you'd be true.
        E7                   A7
In your heart, please just remember:
         G          D7                 G
Right or Wrong, I'm still in love with you.

Second verse repeats the first after a killer trumpet break.


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