Clint Black – The Coolest Pair chords

One of my favorite Christmas songs of all time. :) No Capo

Intro: E  A  E  ,  E  A  E

E If I could take a ride on rudolph,
A EWe'd trim the treetops knockin' a boot off
E A B7 EI'd get a ride out of rudolph hoofin' it everywhere
E If I could make a frosty the snowman,
A EHe'd be the jolly get up and go-man
E A B7 EI'd make a 40 below-man we'd be the coolest pair
A We'd stick together, all kinds of weather
EWe're sure to have a ball
AI can imagine all that can happen if a
B7Little bit of snow would fall
E If I could be the man down the chimney,
A EBag full of magic I've got it in me
E AI can get santa to send me, I've got the
B7 ETime to spare
(repeat chorus) G#maj But the word is around there's some other F#maj Town that let christmas go to the grinch
B7 Well maybe in whoville not me and you-ville,
We'd never give 'em an inch
E If I could make a frosty the snowman
A EHe'd be the jolly still on a roll-man
A B7 EI'm make a 40-below man, we'd be the coolest pair
A B7 EHoofin' it everywhere
A B7 EHey, I've got time to spare
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