Clive Parnell - You Are Almighty chords

D Dsus4When I am weak
G/B Asus7You are strong
D Dsus4When I fall down
G/B Asus7You pick me up
D Dsus4When life is hard
G/B Asus7When troubles come
D Dsus4You are with us
G/B Asus7You never fail
GYou are almighty
DYou are Lord
G/BYou’re above all things
Asus7 For evermore
D Dsus4When doubts arise
G/B Asus7And fears set in
D Dsus4You can deliver us
G/B Asus7And bring us peace
D Dsus4You are our rock
G/B Asus7Our hope in the storm
D Dsus4Our peace and our joy
G/B Asus7For evermore
Clive parnell 2009
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