Closure In Moscow - Pony Acoustic chords

okay so im in love with this song so i tabbed it out for those who wannaplay it too.
its a fairly easy song i mean once you get the chords down just practice with a video or
to get the rythm right but like i said there shouldnt be any problems..
these guys tune down a whole step for this song and btw i heard somewhere that the album
pretty much the same or maybe even the 6th string is tuned to C, but im not 100% sure.
you dont HAVE to tune a whole step down, but if you wanna play with the video youll have to
well anyway, if you have questions, comments, or just wanna tell me what a horrible job
done with this tab, blah blah blah send me an email

song: pony
artist: closure in moscow
tuning: DGCFAD (one step down)


Am : x02210
Em : x79987
D7 : x5453x
F : 133211     you can use your thumb to fret the low F
G : 320003Low Em: 022000
so the verse is ||: Am / Em | D7 / G :|| Em would be the high one at the 7th fret, you can add a nice little sliding effect or plain do it up the neck whatever. just know that you play it only on the 'and' of the 4th of the bar same for the G and the G is just the note G on the 6th string not the whole youll figure this all out if you watch the video anyway but im putting it here just case. then the chorus: ||: F | G | Am | Em | | F | G | Am | D7 :|| again dont be so rigid with the rythm its not EXACTLY four beats each just play it by ahahah okay ill stop oh and at the end of the chorus stay on the D7 for as long as you like one or two bars before going back to the verse. okay thats about it. im aware it might not sound like all of the videos where they play song but this should be enough for you to play along at least without having to get to fancy. adios!
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