Cloud Cult - Bobbys Spacesuit tab

Bobby's Spaceship

Intro/Main Riff (this is the main riff they use the most)

The first time it goes "And this is truuuth to him" it plays this:(Sometimes he jumps right back into the main riff and sometimes he ends with the G played above)e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---0--------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-------0-----|D|--9-9-----9---9---9---9---9---0---9---9---9---9---9---9---9---0---5---5---5---5---7---7---7---7---|A|10---10-10------9-------9-------7-------7-------7-------7-------3-------3-------5-------5---------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
and for the instrumental bridge part he just fingerpicks around with these chords G|0 G|0 G|0 G|0 G|0 G|0 D|9 D|9 D|9 D|7 D|5 D|0 A|10 A|9 A|7 A|5 A|3 A|x E|x E|x E|x E|x E|x E|3 it's a bit hard to hear and tabbing it out would make it hard to follow the timing so just have to kind of figure it out for yourself. but afterwards it goes back to the main to end it. It's a fairly simple song and it's quick to learn.
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