Forget You All The Time tab with lyrics by Cloud Nothings - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Cloud Nothings – Forget You All The Time tab

                  FORGET YOU ALL THE TIME - Cloud Nothings
Tabbed by: Aaron W
Tuning: Standard

Guitar 1 intro/verse

e|----------------------------------|B|-----0-3-0-----------7-------8----|G|---0-------0---0---0---0---0---0--|D|-4-----------4---7-------9--------| repeat until chorusA|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------|
Guitar 2 comes in for the verse with some chords. They're hard to distinguish, so feel free to mention in the comments if you think they might be different. This is my best guess... "I'm all right..."
Cadd9, Em7, G, Asus4 The chorus is pretty similar chords, but whereas the verse strumming was more of an eighth note feel, the chorus has a more quarter note feel to it "Well I don't..."
Cadd9, Em7, G, D The bass is playing the same root notes...C E G and A, but I hear a high F# on the E string so I think it might be easier to switch to D Guitar 2 is playing something like this:
That riff is REALLY hard to hear...I'm only sure of the 2-4-2 part. Then, somebody plays this little riff before going back into the verse:
And that's it! Enjoy. Feel free to comment and make suggestions.
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