Clutch - Rock N Roll Outlaw tab

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From: (Burning Inside)
Date: 16 Jan 96 16:41:02 -0500
Subject: TAB: "Rock N' Roll Outlaw" by Clutch

Rock N' Roll Outlaw     by Clutch
                        from the album "Clutch"
                        words and music by Tim Sult, Dan Maines,
                                Neil Fallon, and Jean-Paul Gaster
                        tabbed by Tom Mallon

Intro/Verse RiffE |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G |.--7---7-7-8\7--10-7----7-7-8\7-7-7----7---7-7-8\7--10-7---7-7-8\7--10-7.|D |.--7---7-7-8\7--10-7----7-7-8\7-7-7----7---7-7-8\7--10-7---7-7-8\7--10-7.|A |---5---5-5-6\5--8--5----5-5-6\5-5-5----5---5-5-6\5--8--5---5-5-6\5--8--5-|E |-------------------------------------------------------------------------|(I'm not sure if these are the exact chords Tim is using, they sound kind ofodd. This is the closest I can get to duplicating what's on the record. Hehas some sort of effect on them which may account for the different sound.)
First Chorus (At "You can rock it like.." and "Where rock is criminal..")E |---------------------------------------------------|B |---------------------------------------------------|G |.-------------------------------------------------.|D |.-------------------------------------------------.|A |-------------3~~~------------------------3~~~------|E |---3--4--5----------5--4--3~~~-----3-4-5-------5---|
Second Chorus (At "Hee haw, hee haw...")E |------------------------------------------------------------|B |------------------------------------------------------------|G |.-------------------------------------------------------5--.|D |.-5/7--7-7\5--5-5/7--7-7\5--5-5/7--7-7\5--5-5/7--7-5/7--5--.|A |--5/7--7-7\5--5-5/7--7-7\5--5-5/7--7-7\5--5-5/7--7-5/7--3---|E |--3/5--5-5\3--3-3/5--5-5\3--3-3/5--5-5\3--3-3/5--5-3/5------|(These are actually spaced further apart but I put them close togetherfor space's sake.)
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