Coachwhips - Extinguish Me tab

"Extinguish Me" by Coachwhips
from Bangers vs. Fuckers
Tabbed by Mr. Cancelled (

Standard Tuning (e,B,G,D,A,E)

Just a few things before I begin this. I'm 90% sure that John Dwyer doesn't play in
standard tuning, and due to the amount of distortion in every Coachwhips song, this isn't
going to be totally accurate. Finally, you can play the verse as just power chords, but I
personally think they sound better as barred chords. For reasons of simplicity though, I'll
be writing down the power chords.

The time signature changes to 6/4 for the verse...
...and back to 4/4 for the chorus.
The song structure is just Pre-verse, Verse, Chorus. Repeat this three times and you're Enjoy!
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