Coal Chamber – Get It tab

Song:Get It(or "Glow," I'm not sure)
Band: Coal Chamber
Album:Scorpion King Soundtrack

Meegs uses two rather unusual tunings on all of Coal Chamber's songs.
The First is a low B Tuning with the 2nd string raised one half step
(From F# to G) to simulate the lower 6 strings of a seven string
guitar, like this(BEADGB).
His second tuning is the "Dropped Version" of his B tuning(AEADGB)
You drop the 6th string down one step. Meegs uses lute guitar
strings(.20 to.70) for his tunings, but all you really need is at
least a guage .10(to .50) or higher for this tuning. If you have
a multi-effects box, set for medium gain and medium heavy distortion,
also set your amp with medium gain, low treble, medium middle, and
medium-heavy bass for most of the song.

Key:Row of [ or] : the end of a measure
+: hold note/chord
p.m:palm mute

intro:Misc. noise followed by:

B---------[-------[--------------------Repeat--| 2xG---------[-------[----------------------------|D---------[-------[----------------------------|A-3-0-0-2-[3-0-0-2[-3-0-0-2-3-0-0-2-3-2--------|E---------[-------[----------------------------|A---------[-------[----------------------------|
Heavy Intro part and Chorus Riff:
B----]---------[---------[-----|Repeat ?xG----]---------[---------[-----|D----]---------[---------[-----|A-2-3]-3-2-0-2-[-3-2-0-2-[-3---|E-2-3]-3-2-0-2-[-3-2-0-2-[-3---|A-2-3]-3-2-0-2-[-3-2-0-2-[-3---|
B---[---[---[---[----------|G---[---[---[---[----------|D---[---[---[---[----------|A-2+[-2+[-2+[-2+[-2-2-2-3--|E-2+[-2+[-2+[-2+[-2-2-2-3--|A-2+[-2+[-2+[-2+[-2-2-2-3--|p.m all
Thats abous it.
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