Coal Chamber - Shari Vegas tab

			     SHARI VEGAS - Coal Chamber

I couldent find any tabs for this song anywhere so I decided to try my hand at it. 
I've only been playing for 6 months so yeah wish me luck.

By: J.J. Nyari 
( manOfSorrow )


D|-------------------| (You can try playing this on the A|-------------------| G-string as well, Use the bridge F|-------------------| pick-up(lowest selector position))C|-------------------|G|-------------------|C|-7-0-3-0-3-6-5-0-3-| (Get those crazy efects you never use and use 'em here)
D|-----------------|A|-----------------|F|-----------------|C|-7-0-3-0-3-6-0-3-|G|-7-0-3-0-3-6-0-3-|C|-7-0-3-0-3-6-0-3-| (Heavy Distortion Here)
sorry thats all I have as I get more experianced will get a better tab up here --------------------------------------------------------------------
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