Coal Chamber - Tylers Song tab

hey. this is a pretty easy song in my books. problem with this is i dunno if they
use a 7 string or not. if not then the tuning they use is beadgb (low to high)
itch is a 7 string substitute. that is whats in the book i got so i use it for
this song.

verse= play intro with slight pm, very lightly
chorus:|10-11-15||-x--x--x||-7--8-12||--------||--------|(strum each chord x4)|--------|
solo thing:|--19--19--19---------------||16--16--16----16--16--16h19|<---this 19 might be an 18 or sumthin. i dunno cuz |------------19--19--19-----|my string just broke:(|---------------------------||---------------------------|(x4) let ring at end|---------------------------|
next:|-------------------||--------------16h19|<---same as above|-------------------||-(5)-(5)-(5)-------||xx-xxx--xx-xxx-----|(x u figer it out)|xx-xxx--xx-xxx-----|
intro verse chorus verse chorus solo thingy next chorus intro
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