Coast – The Beat Of You tab

		           Coast - The Beat of You

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Tabbed by: XSuman
Tuning: Standard Tuning

Hi, I'm XSuman, and I really like this band, problem is, I can't find any chords for the 
songs, so I decided I'd put the chords in here, for one of my favorite ones, now, this 
is my first oneand it's probably not gonna be perfect, 'cause I'm not so good at it.
But I'll give it a shot and edit what I see wrong, and what you comment.

Also, I'm not so sure about the lyrics, most of it is correct, but I can't find any 
lyrics for the song, so I guessed one some of them, I'll correct it if I find the lyrics.

So, this is pretty much the same chords all the way through, it uses C, G, D and Em, 
there's also an Am played twice.

There's also a small solo (I don't know if it's called solo or riff, my apologies!) 
played by violins in the original song, but of course playable on guitar, it VARIES through 
the song but use this (underneath) for learning.

Alternatively, you can play C G D Em C G D respectively through the solo.
Played twice in the end, since solo is played twice there.

Though it does sound better with it!

Intro Verse Chorus Solo Verse Chorus Solo Bridge Solo x2 Outro Intro: Em C G D x2 Verse: Em C G D They were thas and they were thousands Em C G D And there was only you Em C G D And all the hands up in the air Em C G Dreams of you come crushing through Chorus: Em D C G Over that river it's where I want to be D G Over that river it's all I ever see Em D C G Over that river it's all I wanna do D G Over that river I hear the beat of you Violin Solo: C G D Em C G D
Verse: Em C G D And every tear I've learned my lesson Em C G D And every breath I'd stop and take oh oh Em C G D Are you torn between this lover Em C G And the shear that needs to sink Chorus: Em D C G Over that river it's where I want to be D G Over that river it's all I ever see Em D C G Over that river it's all I wanna do D G Over that river I hear the beat of you Violin Solo: C G D Em C G D
Bridge: Am C G D Tell me if your captain reaches those loveless arms tonight Am C G D And though I wanna flow so deep and I will I will walk you through this time Violin Solo x 2 (Varied - Look underneath) C G D Em C G D x2
Outro: G Em G C D x 4
And at last, a G chord.
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