Cobra Skulls – Life In Vain tab

starts off with a bass intro then gutiar plays this

e-2--------|b-3--------|g-4--------|d-4--------|a-2--------|e----------| play with up and down struming.. the strumming is easy to figure out.
then he whole band comes in and play this: the rythm chords are d & b..e----------------------------------------------------------------|b-15-----------10----------12--------10----12---------10---------|g-x-play 17x---x-play once-x-play 6x--x-1x--x-play 6x--x-play----| 1xd-12-----------7-----------9----------7-----9----------7---------|a----------------------------------------------------------------|e----------------------------------------------------------------| then end this with a D power chord..
verse: come in when he says "one in a few"
e-2 e-2 e-2-|b-3 b-3 b-3-|g-4 play this then play g-2 the back to g-4-|d-4 d-- d-4-|a-2 a-- a-2-|e-- e-- e---|then play this:
e-------------------------------------|b-------------------------------------|g-7----------4---------------------7--|d-7 play 16x-4 play 8x--7----------7--| let ringa-5----------2----------7 play 8x--5--|e-----------------------5-------------|
play the first part of the verse again but then play this little pre- chorus:e-x----------x--------------------------------|b-x----------x--------------------------------|g-4----------6--------------------------------|d-5 play 8x--7 play 8x play the whole thing--| 3xa-5----------7--------------------------------|e3----------5---------------------------------|
Chorus: the lead is the same as the intros lead... and the rhytm chords are D & B... I play the rhytm chords in power chords... thats it for the chorus... Verse2: just repeat the the 1st verse.. both verses are the same... pre-chorus: stays the same Chorus2: is the same as the first chorus.. Bridge:
e-----------------------------------------------------------------------|b-----------------------------------------------------------------------|g-------------------------7-----------4-----------9---------------------|d-9 play 16x--7 play 16x--7 play 16x--4 play 16x--9 play 8x--7 play 8x--|a-9-----------7-----------5-----------2-----------7----------7----------|e-7-----------5----------------------------------------------5----------|
e---------------|b---------------|g---------------|d-5 play 8x--7--|a-5----------7~-|e-3----------5--|
thats pretty much it.... this is the first tab for this song i thing so learn this tab and build off it so you can make it better.... thanks
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