Cobra Starship - The Kids Are All Fucked Up tab

			     The Kids Are All Fucked Up  - Cobra Starship

Tabbed by: Sasha

Tuning: Standard

Hey guys! You're going to have to listen to the song in order to get the patterns
 right. I just tabbed the chords in for ya!

Intro/Verse A F#e|---------|B|-2-------|G|-2-------|D|-2---4---|A|-----4---|E|-----2---|
Pre-Chorus B E A F# B Ee|-------------------------|B|---------2---------------|G|-4---1---2-------4---1---|D|-4---2---2---4---4---2---|A|-2---2-------4---2---2---|E|-------------2-----------|
Chorus A E F#e|-------------|B|-2-----------|G|-2---1-------|D|-2---2---4---|A|-----2---4---|E|---------2---|
Bridge F# C# E F# Be|---------------------|B|---------------------|G|-----6---1-------4---|D|-4---6---2---4---4---|A|-4---4---2---4---2---|E|-2-----------2-------|
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