Cobra Starship - Sassy Back Acoustic chords

  Hey! This is my version of Cobra Starship's Sassy back on my acoustic guitar. It 
sounds pretty good if you can find your own beat and what not. Enjoy! :)

BmI'm bringing sassy back,
G And everything that you thought you can't forget
Bm'Cause you know nothing but my name.
DAnd I don't wanna hear
AAbout people I don't know.
G Bm A Not you, not him, not her, no.
A Bm D You only see what I let you see,
Bm DNothing less and nothing more.
D A G What you say is nothing new to me.
Bm Honestly.
Bm A A D They say that kid he's got soul.
Bm A A G I'm everywhere that you go.
Bm D D And I've been there, seen that, and I ain't taking you
A A G No-o-o.
Bm BmOh. Oh oh oh oh.
D BmOh oh oh oh oh.
D D D BmOh oh oh oh oh o-oh.
Bm Bm Oh. Oh oh oh oh.
D BmOh oh oh oh oh.
A A O-oh. O-oh.
G GO-oh. O-oh.
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