Cocksuckers – Amish Assholes tab

From: (Scott, Mari & Brian)
Subject: Tab:Amish Assholes from Afganistan-The Cocksuckers
Date: 6 Nov 1995 09:42:57 GMT

Transcribed by, Brian EbbittIntro:e-----4-----3------1-----b-------1-----2------1---g---------2-----5------5- d------------------------a------------------------E---0--------------------
Verse: Bb I'm Amish Bb I'm an asshole Bb I'm from Afganistan Chorus: A I'm an Amish asshole from Afganistan A I'm An asshole who is Amish and I hail from Afganistan A G I'm from Afganistanian asshole who is Amish, did I say I was from Afganistan? -- -- (Scott) All right son, the party's over. Put down that grenade. ---- End Forwarded Message
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