Cocksuckers – Booty Time tab

From: (Scott, Mari & Brian)
Subject: Tab: Booty Time USA - The cocksuckers!
Date: 29 Jun 1995 06:47:15 GMT

Versee-----------------------b------------------1--0-g------------2--0-------d---3h4h6---------------a-----------------------e-----------------------then -G-A-D- repeat 5 times
If ya got stlye and ya got sass Just drop ya drawers honey and pull out that ass Shake it up and now shake it down everythings cool as long as your pants are down! Am-Dm-G Chorus: Time to get funky, hay hay, so pull down your pants and what do I say! Booty time, booty time cross the USA booty time, booty time hay hay hay Verse If ya wanna get funky and ya wanna dance just get up on the dance floor and pull down you pants (Chorus) Breakdown: Now we like woman and we like sex punch them out, break their necks Lay them down, turn them over get on top be like rover! ---- End Forwarded Message
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