Cocksuckers – Eating Out At Home tab

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From: (Scott, Mari & Brian)
Subject: Tab: Eating out at home- The cocksuckers
Date: 6 Nov 1995 06:47:10 GMT

Transcribed By, Brian Ebbitt>intro>e-----------------------------|>b-----------------------------|>g-----------------------------|>d--------2----------------2~--|>a----3-------5----5---0-------|>E-----------------------------|
> >Verse: >B >Mmm mmm it taste so good > >G >I know you like it, deloris > >A >When I but my tounge in your clutoris > >Chorus: > >G >Ohhh Ohhh lick it > >D >There's nothing like eating out at home! > > >Repeat(There is more words but that's basiclly how the song goes) -- -- (Scott) All right son, the party's over. Put down that grenade. ---- End Forwarded Message
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