Cocksuckers – I Like It In The Butt tab

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From: (Scott, Mari & Brian)
Subject: Tab: "I like it in the butt" The cocksuckers
Date: 20 Jun 1995 06:37:05 GMT

riff 1e-1-2-1----------------1------------------------------|b--------------------2----3---------------------------|g-----------------------------------------------------|d--------3--3--3---------------7--6--6----------------|a--------3--3--3---------------7--6--6----------------|d--------3--3--3---------------7--6--6----------------| repeat x9 Over Words
Stupid fag Like to wear a bag over a weinie beinie leanie meanie seen me bean me
riff 2choruse------------------------------------|b------------------------------------|g------------------------------------|d---5---5---5---6---6---6---7--------|a---5---5---5---6---6---6---7--------|d---5---5---5---6---6---6---7--------|
I like it in the butt I like it in the butt la la la la la la la I just gets dumber from there ---- End Forwarded Message
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