Cocksuckers – Piss Me Good Night tab

Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 23:51:44 -0800
From: (Scott, Mari & Brian )
Subject: TAB: Piss me good night - The Cocksuckers *NEW*

                                        Written and transcribed by 
                                        none other than Brian Ebbitt

Intro-Verse:e------------------b------------------g---------------3^-d--7--7--9--9------a--5--5--7--7------D--5--5--7--7------My bitch is a bed wettershe took a wizz on my sweaterbut when she goesshe feels better
Chorus: piss me good night my darling piss me all over my dear! VerseII: When you wizz upon a star wish my baby doesn't go to a bar for when she does she'll leave her head she'll let loose and wet the bed ---- End Forwarded Message
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