Cocksuckers - Takin The Bitch Downtown tab

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From: (Scott, Mari & Brian)
Subject: Re: Tab: Takin' the Bitch Downtown -The Cocksuckers *NEW*
Date: 9 Nov 1995 05:36:37 GMT

>>> Transcribed, Written by> Brian (Bung wiper) Ebbitt>Intro-Verse:>e---------------------------|>b---------------------------|>g---------------------------|>d------------------9---9----|>a----3---5---7-----9---9----|>D------------------9---9----|
>>>Whoa!>>I was in L.A.>>hay!>>and wanted a trick>>who could suck big dick.>>Chorus>>e--------------------------------|>b--------------------------------|>g--------------------------------|>d-----------10---8--9----7-------|>a-----------10---8--9----7-------|>E-----------10---8--9----7-------|
> >Takin' the bitch downtown >takin' the Down......Town! > > >VerseII: > >I was in Austrailia > >And was lookin' for some genetailia > >I drank a drown my kidneys > >and slept with some aboriginees. > >(chorus) >--
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