Cocksuckers – The Vacum Cleaner tab

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From: (Scott, Mari & Brian)
Subject: Tab: The Vacum Cleaner is Wacking My Weiner-The Cocksuckers
Date: 17 Nov 1995 05:57:13 GMT

                                Transcribed and Written by,

                                                    Brian Ebbitt

No no no no can't wack it with a broom! No no no no can't wack it with a mop!
e---------------|b---------------|g---------------|d---------------|a---------------|e--0-0-0-3-2-1~-|But when I wantsomething that sucks!that sucks real deluxeI get the electroluxe!
Chorus: D The vacum cleaner is wacking my weiner!x3 -- -- (Scott) All right son, the party's over. Put down that grenade. ---- End Forwarded Message
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