Cocksuckers – Thrustin My Love tab

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From: (Scott, Mari & Brian)
Subject: Tab:Thrustin' My love (Into your puddin) The cocksuckers
Date: 1 Jul 1995 08:04:47 GMT

                        Trancribed by:
                                Brian Ebbitt

Verse:e-------------------------------1h3p0--------|b--1h3------1h3------------------------------|g------2p0--------------2p0------------------|d----------------3p0-------------------------|a--------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------|Ooh yeah honey babyI just wanna turn on yourhead lights and look under your hood!
Chorus: A I wanna thrust my love F A into your quivering mound of love pudding. Verse: Ooh yeah Honey baby I love your hot bod Now do ya want some hot rod? (Chorus) Verse: Ooh honey baby When we're in bed it no holds barred ohh yeah baby I gonna thrust it real hard. ---- End Forwarded Message
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