Cocorosie – Lyla chords

These are somewhat accurate. It sounds most like the studio recording I believe.

D BmYou wanted to buy me
AFor a hundred euro
D BmYou said you'd take me
ATo your little car
D Bm Your friend lived near by
AHe had a house and all
D BmWhere was i from you said
AYou guessed yugoslavia
D A BmWell it's not yogoslavia
D A Bm (note: I do not think the A chord is right, but it sounds decent)It's not yugoslavia at all
It reminded me Of a movie i just saw About a little girl From yugoslavia She got sent away They made her prostitute She ate mcdonald's all day And never had a chance to play
D A DLy-y-la
You wanted to buy me For a hundred euro You said you'd take me To your little car Your friend lived near by He had a house and all Where was i from you said You guessed yugoslavia But it's not yugoslavia It's hardly yugoslavia at all Lyla
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